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DoD SBIR/STTR 20.2/B Instructions, Topics & Tools

Pre-released: May 6, 2020 - Opens: June 3, 2020 - Closes: July 2, 2020 (12:00pm EDT)
The data presented here are unofficial copies as of 5/22/20 to be used at your own risk.

Our simple quick search engine is a Mister Roger's type of device that gets you into the neighborhood.
The search results include important TPOC contact information that can be used during the pre-release period.

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      Component Type File    (Click to view, Right Click to download)
DoD Master SBIR Instructions Overall SBIR-DOD-20.2-BAA_v5.pdf
DoD Master STTR Instructions Overall STTR-DOD-20.B-BAA_v5.pdf
Army SBIR Phase I Army-20.2-Phase-I-_v5.pdf
Army Direct to Phase II Army-20.2-DPII-_v2.pdf
Army STTR Army-20.B-Phase-I-_v5.pdf
CBD - Chemical And Biological Defense SBIR CBD-20.2-Phase-I-_v1.pdf
DHA - Defense Health Agency SBIR DHA-20.2-Phase-I-_v2-1.pdf
DHA - Defense Health Agency STTR DHA-20.B-Phase-I-_v2-1.pdf
DLA - Defense Logistics Agency SBIR DLA-20.2-Phase-I-_v1.pdf
DLA - Defense Logistics Agency Direct to Phase II DLA-20.2-DPIII-_v1.pdf
DMEA - Defense Microelectronics Activity SBIR Phase I DMEA-20_1-v2.pdf
DTRA - Defense Threat Reduction Agency SBIR DTRA-20.2-Phase-I-_v1.pdf
DTRA - Defense Threat Reduction Agency STTR DTRA-20.B-Phase-I-_v1.pdf
MDA - Missile Defense Agency SBIR MDA-20.2-Phase-I-_v1.pdf
Navy SBIR Navy-20.2-Phase-I-_v4.pdf
Navy Direct to Phase II Navy-20.2-DPII-_v1.pdf
Navy STTR Navy-20.B-Phase-I-_v1.pdf
JSSAP/OSD - Joint Service Small Arms Program Direct to Phase II JSSAP-20.2-DPII-_v1.pdf
SCO - Strategic Capabilities Office Direct to Phase II SCO-20.2-DPII-_v1.pdf
OSD - Office of the Secretary of Defense Direct to Phase II OSD-20_1_DPhII_-v2.pdf
USSOCOM - United States Special Operations Command Direct to Phase II USSOCOM-20.2-DPII-_v1.pdf
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